Rejuvenate your imagination with a little of the atmosphere Andalucia has to offer. Relax in a friendly, creative environment, while letting your imagination run wild.

Away from the sea Spain conceals a wealth of fascinating landscapes and historical architecture. If it was good enough to inspire Hemingway, well?

All inclusive price £595

The week is all inclusive, meals, wine, and transport around the area, just not flights. The group size, up to five people should ensure you receive all the attention, and assistance necessary.
You will be collected from the airport and driven the relatively short distance [30 miles] to a rural retreat, close to the town of Alora. Away from the bustle of the coast you can relax, and settle into a creative mood. The basis of the holiday is to let selected places inspire your mood; then prompted by themes, one line introductions, and friendly competition you set pen to paper. Hopefully you should be able to create a few short stories, which will be reviewed each evening as a group. Inspired by Andalucia, guided by the tutor, and perhaps your fellow authors, at the end of the week you will be invited to script a final story, or perhaps the beginning of a larger work, which will be critiqued by the rest of the group.
As you are above all on holiday, there will be plenty of opportunity to relax, you do as much or as little as you wish. There are countless venues you can visit for inspiration, inland, or otherwise, though being Mediterranean Spain, the coast is more likely to provide azure water, than crashing surf and spray.

Your accommodation, affectionately known as Cortijo del Zorro rather than the actual local name of Hoyo del Bicho. After all when translated Fox Farmhouse sounds better than grave of the termite!
As a rule, the morning is likely to be spent awakening your mind, and seeking inspiration, the afternoon gliding pen on paper. Evenings, disturbed only by a relaxed meal discussing the merits of your work, or even writing as a hobby. There will also be a free day, when you can decide whether to sightsee, or shop a little.
As your tutor, I may earn the majority of my income from photography, but only because it is immensely difficult to break into to the realm of the commercial author. A veteran of thirty four novels and numerous short stories my longest run was two hundred copies. Despite sending, or handing free copies to Sir Anthony Hopkins, Terry Wogan, BBC Book at Bedtime etc., and being described by one of the editors of Time Warner Books as ‘better than Stephen King' [who?] I remain in the shadows. Still, it doesn't stop me aiding and encouraging others. So long as none become the next J.K. Rowling, unless they sprinkle my career with pixie dust on the way.

As I also do photographic tutored holidays there is the opportunity to mix and match a little, or bring a partner with a preference to use a camera.

As the house is in a pleasant rural setting there is plenty of scope for independant exploration or relaxation. However, I would recommend you avoid August, it tends to get rather hot. If you are forced to choose summer heat then the days may become more Spanish, out and about early morning and late afternoon with a siesta during the hottest period. You must have heard the appropriate phrase after all, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

I like to be flexible, the holiday is based around a basic framework which allows me to choose inspiring locations depending on your preferences and maybe whether there is much water in the river.